Onsite Relationship Skills Training
Seminars for Working Women

Build relationship skills and corporate savvy. We train women to convey quiet confidence that allows them to interact with ease and clarity on all levels of business interactions.

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In a simple, time-efficient manner, Women & Relationships can conduct on-site corporate training seminars to enhance the communication skills of businesswomen. Corporate training seminars are customized to your business needs and are focused at improving the relationship skills of women at every level of the organization.

Full-day, onsite corporate Women & Relationships training seminars teach women to:

  • Sharpen observational skills
  • Be responsive vs. reactive, even in emotionally charged situations
  • Maintain personal power in business
  • Balance power with approachability
  • Adeptly negotiate the minefield of poor communication styles
  • Remove any codependency in relationships at the workplace
  • Overcome workplace intimidation
  • Identify and eliminate dysfunctional communication patterns with your employees
  • And much more!

Sample overview of an onsite Women & Relationships training seminar

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“Your presentation encouraged us to find our boundaries and operate comfortably within them. Ultimately, that gives us energy to produce great results in our endeavors and deal with life more effectively.”

Financial Consultant