Onsite Seminars for Women:
Overview of Content

We offer customized variations of our relationship skills course tailored to meet the needs of the women in your organization.

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Our corporate-driven Women & Relationships seminars are organized as one-day, onsite programs. The content of our presentation is geared at improving communication and relational skills of working women and can be customized to fit your organization's learning needs.

The one-day seminar covers the following critical topics:

Morning Session: Concepts of Healthy Relating

  • Gain an understanding of relational dynamics common to the workplace
  • Observe and understand the dynamics occurring in any interaction as it is happening

Afternoon Session: Maintain Personal Power in Business

  • Acquire relational tools and communication techniques to help maintain personal power in business situations
  • Increase the probability of a productive outcome from any interaction
  • Apply these tools in a variety of interactions, situations and conditions

Application is simple!
Results are immediate!
Improves morale and productivity!

For more information and corporate relationship training rates, please contact:

Patricia A. Sartini
President, Patricia A. Sartini, Inc.