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DVD cover-Women & Relationships CourseWe at Women & Relationships are committed to enhancing the lives of women in all of their relationships. Our belief is that this program is the most cost-effective, enriched presentation of concepts and techniques for you to be an empowered, compassionate communicator.  

The Women & Relationships course is available for purchase in three formats, providing you with the option to learn at your own pace. They also give you the benefit of reviewing the material as in-depth and often as you like. 

So, invest in yourself!  This course can be a reference guide for years to come.

The course is available in three formats: DVD, CD and MP3

DVD video: 
In this 2-DVD set you will receive the entire six-lesson course taught by Patricia Sartini using a lecture setting with a guided Power Point presentation.

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Audio CD:
Receive the entire six-lesson course on CD and learn by listening in your car or at home from a CD Player.

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MP3 audio download:
You can download the convenient audio version of the six-lesson course for learning anytime, anywhere on your digital listening device.

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