Relationship Course: Content Overview

Discover how you can become a more assertive, confident woman in our course. Each lesson teaches powerful tools to help you overcome any communication challenge.

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Course Content

Lesson One: Care of the Self

Learn the foundations for turning on your power switch
in all the major areas of your life:  physical, mental, emotional,
social, and spiritual.

Lesson Two: Personal Boundaries

Learn the “neighborhood model” of personal boundaries;
what codependency in relationships is; easy-to-understand
concepts of healthy relating; and pitfalls that can lead to
losing personal power in relationships.

Lesson Three: Developing Boundaries

Increase awareness of your own boundaries in all areas of your life; learn to understand and recognize the cues of unhealthy communicating; and begin to develop ways to stay out of communication trouble.

Lesson Four:  Eliminating Blind Spots

Learn to identify and alter your internal patterns of
sabotaging your capacity to stay empowered relationally.
Silence the fear and codependency for good.

Lesson Five:  Communication Skills Development

Learn the styles of communicating effectively and the
guidelines for good listening. Develop the tools used to demonstrate your assertiveness and self-empowerment in all of your interactions.

Lesson Six: Putting It All Together

Learn techniques to keep your power switch turned on
when others attempt to manipulate, control, intimidate,
or discount you.

“The materials and skills taught are practical and useful and really user-friendly. 

I looked forward to every single class;
I didn’t want to miss anything because there was an “aha” moment every week.”

--Cindy, homemaker