Relationship Skills Course for Women

Learn and apply the concepts of healthy relating!  Access your personal power to enhance your quality of life by improving your relationship skills.

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The Women & Relationships Course focuses on building confidence and respect for the self, while arming you with techniques to communicate with others in any challenging situation. Experience life changing results in the way that you relate to others at home, work and anywhere in between.

In the Women & Relationships Course you will:

  • Learn to understand and recognize boundaries
  • Recognize manipulative behaviors and how to react appropriately
  • Acquire assertiveness tools to respond without fear when challenged
  • Examine communications objectively instead of reacting emotionally
  • Develop the means to eliminate codependency in relationships

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Learn Now! The Women & Relationships Course is available to you in several ways. All methods give you the opportunity to start applying your new skills immediately.

  1. DVD video format: The DVD allows you to learn at your own pace, while watching the instructor teach in a classroom setting.

  2. CD or MP3 audio format: Listen to the course anytime, anywhere with these portable audio solutions.