Is This Course for You?

We at Women & Relationships believe that any woman can benefit from the easy-to-understand relationship concepts presented in this course. When you begin applying them in your day-to-day interactions, you will experience immediate results.

benefits of relationship classes  

This course is for you if you want to:

  • Eliminate over-reacting
  • Make decisions easily
  • Stay out of gossip
  • Stop being taken advantage of
  • Remove thinking, feeling, or acting codependently in relationships
  • Manage personnel at work more effectively
  • Clearly communicate your thoughts
  • Prevent employee conflict and low morale in your business

If you want to improve, enhance, or refine your relationships in any setting…this course is for you!

“This class has helped me to view my place in the world differently. 
It has helped me to gain the necessary confidence to realize I can be
who I am.”

--Nikki, teacher